Monday, December 8, 2014

Sweet Happy Mail from Eva

I was so surprised and all smiles to receive happy mail today.   Eva recently won candy from my blogaversary and was so sweet to have sent me this CUTE thank you card.  Oh, I love this image.

Totally in love this stand-up calendar she made.  I already have it up on my computer desk.

And I've filled this HK coin purse with some coins, especially quarters that I sometimes need for parking, etc.  Got it in my car now.  Love this print too.
Gee, I feel like I won some blog candy too.   THANK YOU EVA!!!!   :-)


Leanne said...

Oh wow!! Eva truly knows how to show her appreciation. What an adorable card, calendar and coin purse. Super sweet happy mail indeed.
Have fun enjoying your vacation!!

cuilliesocks said...

How lovely to receive all these goodies from Eva. Hugs Kate x

Chelsea said...

that is so sweet of her to send you these cute items. :)