Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Three Japanese Girls

Yay, it's Hump Day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the weekend and going to Island Scrapbooking. Haven't been there for about 3 weeks and getting "withdrawals." LOL.

Below is the card I sent to Colleen for the Secret Sister Swap for May. I'm happy she liked it. She also asked where the stamps were from. Well, actually, I got it from Jenny's blog candy along with the micro beads and other goodies. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the beads on the kimono. Boy, when they say "micro" they mean micro. I think I have some in my carpet too. Hee-hee...no problem....the vacuum will suck 'em up. They're really neat!!! I love it.

Tonight, hubby and I went out on "a date." He really wanted to eat at a Prime Rib buffet. Ha, here in Hilo on a Tuesday night? Uh-uh, no such thing. So we decided on a restaurant with a sushi bar. There were a few to choose from. I won't mention the name of the restaurant because we were disappointed that the sushi bar was closed on Tuesday's. Though I suggested we go somewhere else, he said, "Ah, we're here already. Let's just eat here." Wrong move. The dish he ordered wasn't so great. Poor thing.

This is what I had for dinner. In the foreground to the left is the misoyaki butterfish.....a little bit "charred." To the right is grilled teriyaki chicken. Pretty good. I gave my sashime to my hubby as he loves sashime and I like my food cooked. He said he'll put the sashime on his rice and make his own sushi. Hee-hee.....clever.

We topped it off with dessert at Yogurtland. Aw shucks, no coconut flavor this week....my favorite. Oh, that's OK, I really enjoyed the Taro, Arctic Vanilla, and Dutch Chocolate with granola topping. Ahhhh, hit the spot.

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday. :-)

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Cyndi said...

super cute asian card! like how you used 3 of the girls. ooh yum yogurtland!