Friday, August 20, 2010

Late "Breaking" News.....LOL

Many times, when I put up a post, I'm literally stuck for words. Well, I DO have a story to share now.

First of all, I was soooo looking forward to this long weekend and had plans to go to Island Scrapbooking for their Admission's Day Sale. All of that changed in an instant.

Yesterday, after I got home from work, I was walking on the sidewalk in front of our precious pooch, Buddy when he suddenly ran between my legs. I fell in a very awkward way and knew it was a bad fall because I heard and felt a snap. My son had to help me up and I hung onto him as I literally hopped into the house.

Since my hubby was all sweaty and stinky from mowing the lawn, my son took me to the Urgent Care Center where x-rays confirmed a "spiral fracture." I left with a "boot" to temporarily stabilize my ankle until I can get a cast put on next Monday.

My son will pick up crutches for me today so I can get around with more ease. Until then, if I need to get around the house, I'll hop and hold onto whatever I can. If there's nothing to hold, I do the "Army Crawl." I must say, I crack up laughing doing the crawl. Gives my son a good chuckle too. I'll be ready for basic training in a few weeks. LOL.

I feel so fortunate to have a great, caring, and helpful hubby (retired Paramedic) and sons.

So here's a picture of my stylish and fashionable "boot" next to my ugly, bony, dry skin leg. Hmmm, my right foot looks crooked yah and I should've put skin lotion first. Hee-hee. Oh what the heck, give everyone a good laugh. ROL.

And here's lovable, precious, playful, energetic, and innocent Buddy. I still think he's soooooo cute.
If you have a pooch, be careful if he/she is behind you. Don't want anyone to get "attacked from the rear" like me. :-)
Well, I better go elevate my feet again. Hope you all have a "scrap happy" day.
Karen :-)


terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Ah, I'd be so angry - even if it was an accident. I think the pooch is cute too though. Many years ago we were painting the outside of the house and I was on one of those tall ladders and it started sliding and I and the ladder went down. My leg was caught up in the rungs and I didn't get free. But I just had a really bad swelling and sprain - no break. But you could put 2 fingers into the indentation on my leg as we were going to the Urgent Care Clinic! I don't try to paint houses any more!

Jenny said...

Oh no! Poor thing! I know how you feel- remember when I sprained my ankle at a meeting? Sorry you missed out on the sale.


bernietom47 said...

Sorry you got hurt, hope you'll heal quickly.
Blessings Bernie