Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

Do you ever feel like you have special powers sometimes? Well, I gotta share this story. Actually, it's kind of funny to me.

A few months ago, my hubby's co-worker, Missy, applied for a new job. During their lunch break they were talking about it and my hubby told her, "Oh, I should ask my wife to pray for you so you get the job because I think she has powers." He came home from work that evening and told me I needed to pray for Missy. I was like, HUH???? When he told me the story I had to LAUGH and said, "Are you nuts?" He said, "No, I told Missy you have powers so you better pray for her." I thought it was hilarious and said, "OK, I'll pray for her and let's see if she gets the job." HOLY MOLY, about a week later she said she got the job and was soooooo happy and even thanked me. :-)

THEN, this evening my hubby came home and told me I had to pray for Missy's cousin. He heard (from Missy) that I had powers and wants me to pray for him to get a job he recently applied for. I was shocked and said, "You must be kidding." My hubby said, "No, I told Missy you were going to pray for her cousin. He needs all the help he can get." He added, "OK, if he gets the job, I'll really be convinced." OMG...THIS IS TOO FUNNY.

OK, I'll keep you posted once we find out if he got the job or not.

Now for the card. Can you tell I'm having fun with my snowflake embossing folder? Here's a simple card. The branch image is by Hero Arts, colored with Copics, and I used a little bit of Stickles on the ornaments. This is one of my favorite Spellbinder die. If you click on the picture to zoom in, you'll get a better view of the snowman button (shank removed) on a glittery snowflake.

Okie dokie, have a great evening / day.

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