Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mini Hand Sanitizer Holders from Cindy - Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society

My bloggie friend Cindy is so sweet and thoughtful.  She designed these awesome mini hand sanitizer holders and donated them to the American Cancer Society.   They will have a table at a craft fair on Nov. 7.   Please send me an email if you'd like the address.

She actually flew in from Oahu to Hilo to bring her crafty donation.....and shop.  Ohhhh, I was so surprised to receive some super yummy malasadas from Leonard's Bakery too.   When I showed them to my hubby, he said, "HO, WHERE YOU GOT THAT FROM????" and gobbled up a couple. We really enjoyed them.    So delicious.   THANK YOU SO MUCH CINDY!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


Deloris said...

Great gift idea! I'm sure they will sell out at the craft fair.

Jeni said...

Is it the craft fair at the Sangha Hall, AJA Hall, or that one that's in a residential area? (LoL, yes, I keep track of these things.)

Those are super cute!!