Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and Lots of Foodie Pix from Our Quickie Oahu Trip

When I saw this doggie with the rose stem in his mouth, I knew I had to use this rose petal DP I've had for a long time.   Hmmm, but maybe it's too bright for the background.  Whadda think?  I'm scratching my head over this one.  LOL.  Anyhoo, thought I'd make a poochie love scene card with the little mouse looking on.   

The dogs and mouse on the snail images are from the "Critter Party" set by Penny Black.
Tree stump by C.C. Designs
Sentiment - laser cut by and from Island Scrapbooking
Heart dies by Memory Box
Grass punch by Martha Stewart

Last week, hubby and I went to Oahu to visit my mom and to take her out for some oishi'i (delicious) Japanese food which she LOVES.   We had lunch at Gyotaku in Waimalu and our eldest son who lives there joined us....YAY.

Started off with some Miso Soup, salad, and tsukemono (pickled vegetables).  My tummy was growling by the time we sat down to eat as I only had a slice of toast for breakfast before catching our flight.

If you ever go to Gyotaku, you MUST order their Furi-mi Wings.  OMGosh, deeeelicious.  On the side is the Agedashi Tofu.   Also very yummy.

Mom loves sashimi (raw fish).  I'll pass on that Mom.  You can have it all.

Now for the REAL MEALS!   Our son ordered the Godzilla Roll sushi.....

Also, the Mochiko Chicken Salad......

And Sea Dragon sushi.   It's so much fun watching him eat because he can chow down a lot!!!

Hubby ordered the Misoyaki Butterfish, Misoyaki Salmon (do you think he loves miso?) and Karaage Chicken.....

I ordered the Misoyaki Butterfish, Tempura (vegetables and shrimp), and Teri Chicken.  I'm in heaven!   Mom ordered the same thing so I'll just post one pix.

After lunch, we went to the cemetery to put some homegrown anthuriums on my dad grave.  Mom said she was tired and needed a nap so we brought her home so she could get her beauty rest.  While she was resting, hubby and I played tourist and took a nice and quick drive to Haleiwa.  Gee, the last time we went there was when we were dating many moons ago.   It brought back memories for us. He HAD TO go to Matsumoto Shave Ice Store to eat  shave ice AND to buy another long sleeve T-shirt to replace the one he had years ago and wore till it was full of holes.  LOL.   This is also where he and his surf buddies always stopped by on their way home for shave ice after surfing on the north shore.

OK, I'm all smile because I scored 2 t-shirts too.  Also got a matching zippered fleece jacket with the same design as the one on the right.


Well, it was time to pick up Mom for dinner and would you believe we got lost?  Go figure.  We only grew up on Oahu.   Hee-hee.  I wasn't much help navigating because I had killer cramps in my shin. OMG, it felt like labor pains, I couldn't think.  All I could say was, "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH".   Almost had to tell him to pull on the side of the road.  Bwahahaha!

Dinner was a Kunio's in Waikele.  Yup, more Japanese food.    Since we ordered pretty much the same thing or similar, I'll leave out those pics.

The next day, we all had breakfast/brunch at Ruby Tuesday.  So sorry, no pix.  

We stopped by Kuru Kuru Sushi (more Japanese food) for a small and late lunch.  We weren't very hungry but I ordered the California sushi...  

Agedashi Tofu.....yummy and healthy....

And Somen Noodles.   Rats, everything was arranged so nicely and took this pix after I mixed them all together.   Very yummy though.

Hubby ordered the Spicy Tuna sushi....

Seared Kamachi sushi....

And Pumpkin Tempura....
 It was another whirlwind trip and time to go to the airport.  Glad mom had a nice time.  We did too.

Thanks for stopping by and HAVE A SCRAP HAPPY DAY!!!


Leanne said...

Adorably sweet card. I think everything looks terrific! :)
Oh man, i'm sooo hungry after scrolling through all your pictures of the food. Glad you all had a nice time and got to spend some time with your mom and son.
Oh I miss shave ice! The ones here are so not the same. hahaha! Wonderful read today Karen! Happy Tuesday!

Deloris said...

Those Penny Black critters are adorable. Love the fun scene you created with them. Food looks yummy too. Glad you had a nice time visiting with the family.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Karen, love card, love the little scene, you are always so good at doing these.
Those are terrific photos of your food, so colourful. I couldn't eat raw fish either.
Sounds it was a lovely trip to meet up with your mum and big son, hugs Kate x

Sohail Ahmed said...
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Loves Happy Hour said...

All the food looks so yummy!! Cute card! So fun and bright!

Colleen Kwan said...

What a perfect scene for Valentine's Day. I love it!

I am glad that you had good time visiting your mom last week and that you and your hubby had fun being "tourists." All the food you ate is making me crave for some Japanese food. The next time I am in Oahu will definitely need to try the restaurants that you went to. Matsumot's Shaved Ice is always so much fun to visit even though it is always so crowded. Did you order any shaved ice? The shirts that you and your hubby got are great.