Friday, January 2, 2015

Handmade Holiday Cards and Calendars from Crafty Friends and Cuz

Aaaaah, so glad life is back to normalcy.   Whew!!!  It seemed like Christmas was always months away, but when it came, like a blink of an eye, it was over.  Christmas was so special with all of the amazing cards, calendars (and gifts) from my bloggie friends.  

First up is this gorgeous card from my cuz.  I totally love the velvet poinsettia flower and burlap ribbon she used.  She's so talented and hopefully one day she'll start a blog.  Hint, hint....again.  :-) 

I was all smiles to receive this cute card and magnetic-back calendar from Leanne.   I've got the calendar on our refrigerator.

Received this sugar sweet easel calendar from Cindy.  I decided to put her calendar on my craft desk. It'll help me to plan when to make cards and projects throughout the year.

This waterfall card is so cool.  Eunice is super creative and makes some of the most awesome interactive cards.   Pull on the tab below and the top portion flips up revealing her adorable pooch, Latte.  Continue pulling and her nice family pix appears.   Cool huh?

This adorable bunny Christmas card  is from Cheryl.   Made me smile because it reminds me of our youngest son's and his girlfriend's 2 bunnies.   Yup, now they have TWO, a male and female. YIKES!!!  Better get them fixed quick.  I'll share a pix once he sends it to me.

This pretty wreath card is from Cely.  Love the simplicity and traditional Christmas colors.

Got this stand-up calendar from Char.   I love to plan and find myself frequently needing to refer to a calendar so it's a "must" to have calendars throughout the house.  I have this on our other computer desk.

Don't you love this pretty Asian card from Linda?   Awesome highlights in her hair and I really love the sparkling snowflakes!

Also love how Kathy did a fab job with the highlights on this gorgeous card.

Mary sure created a beautiful winter scene.   Lovely card!!!

Yikes, we have some super windy weather headed our way and I can hear the gusts.  Better sign off quick before the power goes out.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, prosperous, and very crafty 2015.


Deloris said...

What a fabulous bunch of cards! Love all of them!

cuilliesocks said...

Gorgeous cards to receive Karen, you have some very talented friends.
Happy New Year to you and your Family! Hugs Kate x