Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Girl's Day

Happy Girl's Day Peeps!  Did you have some mochi today?  

I actually made these tags by Sister Stamps over the holidays to share some "round" mochi with my co-workers but just ran out of time.   Rats.  So I thought I'd have to wait until next New Years to use them.   Then the light bulb went on.  Yah, I should make some mochi for Girl's Day instead.  

Here's a pix of Mieko for the girls and Hideo for the guy in our office.  I'm so glad Denise created an image of a little boy eating mochi too.  She and Jenny think of everything.

Here are the 7 tags...

Hmmm, I was stumped trying to find a recipe to make "round" mochi balls like they do in Japan so instead I decided to made Cascaron. YAH!!! Hee-hee.  Got the recipe from my co-worker.   It has mochiko, coconut flakes, sugar, and coconut milk.  I poked 6 inch wooden skewers thru the Cascaron and tied the tag with baker's twine.   Easy peasy and it was ono.  Oops, sorry, this is not a very good pix.

Okie dokie, enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.


eva said...

wow, super cute! these look so yummy too!

Deloris said...

So cute and so clever too!

Eileen Ng said...

Interesting! I thought they were fish balls at first glance. I've never had them and they look delicious! Cute tags to go along with it.

Lynn said...

Yum-yum....I want some! LOL! Both the tags and Cascaron are great treats for your co-workers. I've never heard of Cascaron but it sure sounds and looks delicious. They really match well with the SS stamp images.

Colleen Kwan said...

Happy Girl's Day to you too! No I didn't have a chance to eat any mochi on Monday.

What a cute idea. What a special treat for your co-workers. I am sure that they enjoyed the Cascarons and loved the super cute tag. Wish I lived closer so I can try a piece or two of your homemade Cascarons. I don't think I've ever had one before.

Have a great day!

Leanne said...

How cute!! And you made cascaron!! oh your co-workers are spoiled! hehehe!!
This turned out wonderfully Karen!! I wish we celebrated Girl's Day like they do in Japan and Hawaii.
Love it and I bet your co-workers loved it even more.

Leanne said...

PS - Happy Girls Day!! The tags are perfect to go with the Cascaron treats.