Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favors for My Co-Worker's B/D and Yummy Food Pix

As mentioned in my last post, here's a pix of one of the favors I made for my co-worker's birthday.   Rats, I made 7 of these in an assortment of colors; blue, teal, purple, and hot pink and forgot to take a pix of all of them together.  It wasn't until last night when I attempted to post this that I realized it.   Luckily, one of my co-workers displays all of the favors I've made to-date on desk shelf so I took a pix of hers this morning. 

Since some of my office buddies are trying to eat healthy, I decided to fill a little plastic bag with Trail Mix.  I felt it needed some color, so I added some M & M Pretzel candy.    Well, that's not very healthy but let's just say, it's now a "balanced" snack.  LOL.

Well, our birthday girl said she would like some Maple Bacon Donuts rather than a cake so I got these from Hilo Bake Co.   Is your mouth watering?    I think our birthday girl could grind this entire box and not put on an ounce.

I really feel fortunate to work for a fantastic firm.  They treat us to quarterly luncheons and last week we dined at Hilo Bay Cafe (formerly Nihon Restaurant).  OMGosh, they renovated the restaurant so beautifully and what a great atmosphere with a spectacular view of Hilo Bay.  

One of my co-workers ordered the Lime Ade and just about all of us "had to" try it too.   Ummmm, deeeelish!!!   Oh, it's a non-alcoholic drink.....thought I'd better mention that.  :-)

I ordered the Chicken Curry Pot Pie.    Awesome!!!  The crust is light and flaky.  Ummmm. I could go for another one right now.

One of my co-worker's ordered the Chirazushi.....

For dessert, I ordered Tiramusu.   I only had it once before many years ago at another restaurant.  I remembered it was soooooo sweet, like eating straight sugar so I was quite hesitant in ordering it again.   I asked the waitress if theirs was really sweet and she said it's not and they serve theirs in a glass cup.  OK, that sounded good.   No regrets, it was GREAT.  

Thanks for stopping by and HAVE A SCRAP HAPPY DAY.


Cely said...

made me soooo hungry!!! :D

Lynn said...

Oh Boy! You sure made me hungry. I envy you and your co-workers. Sounds like you work with a very close-knit group. They must love you for all the cute and crafty treats, cards, and gifts that you create for them!

Leanne said...

Oh the boxes with goodies are cute and fun. Now I'm hungry too!! Hahaha! All the food looks yummy!!
Happy Aloha Friday Karen!

cuilliesocks said...

Lovely card and treat boxex Norma, and all the fantastic food looks so good, mouth watering stuff, hugs Katex

debby4000 said...

Oh what a fabulous gift box and looks like you had a good time.

SuiLan said...

Oh my I'm drooling! haha! Your creations are so cute!

Colleen Kwan said...

You made another super cute and yummy party favor. I really like how you colored the cupcake. It looks so realistic. I'm ready to take a bite of it. Your entire post is full of ono food. Even though I just ate dinner, I am still drooling. LOL! The maple bacon donut looks the best! I never had one of those before.

Chelsea said...

Oh yummy! The maple bacon donuts sound really interesting! Everything look so good, I'm so hungry right now! Glad you had a great time.

with Love,

eunice said...

Cute favor boxes! Wow you guys go all out celebrating co workers' birthdays...can I come work in your office too? Man, my mouth is watering looking at all the fabulous eats...wish I were in Hilo to try some of the eating places you guys go to!