Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating Buddy's Birthday

As Sister Stamps celebrate their 2nd anniversary, that puts me in celebration mode.  Our pooch, Buddy turned 4 (well, in human years) a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd make a treat basket filled with Milk-Bone Trail Mix to celebrate his birthday.  When we got Buddy, he was only 8 weeks old, a bit shy, but oh so adorable.  I just couldn't hug him enough.  On my sidebar is my all-time favorite pix of him.  He's like 1/3 dog, 1/3 frog because of how he often lays down with his back legs stretched out, and 1/3 human because he literally parks his butt on a low step with his two front paws on the ground in front of him.   

The happy little pooch on this box is Cappy from Sister Stamps Release 15.  Hmmmm, I wonder if we can teach Buddy to do this trick.  Do you think he's too old to learn a new trick????   :-)

Here's a pix of the 4 cuties from Release 15....all so sweet.

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And if you haven't heard, Linda is hosting a fun giveaway on her You Tube channel.   Click here to check it out and have fun!         

I invite you to stop by again tomorrow for another exciting post.   Till then, happy crafting and Have A Scrap Happy Day.


Carla said...

Like the doggie-box you made Karen.
Great colouring too.
My SIL has a Jack Russel who loves tiny doggie-cookies, soooo this is a great idea :o)

Annie said...

such a sweet gift box for your cute pooch!
enjoy your weekend,
hugs, annie x

m said...

I love this treat box you made for Kiki! Too cute!

Deloris said...

Absolutely adorable! Love your doggie treat box!

cuilliesocks said...

Aw he's just adorable, bet he is full of fun.
Love his birthday box with his goodies, it's all too cute, kate x

eunice said...

Oh this is the cutest little doggie treat ox ever! Really like the cute pawprint design...and it's a perfect match for Cappy! Happy Birthday sweet Buddy...he's adorable! Four years old is not too old...he'll always be your baby boy!

Heidi Brawley said...

Love your treat box!!! What an Adorable creation using Cappy. Our dog, Bentley, is a Basset Hound and he lays just like your Buddy!!!

Cyndi said...

Super cute treat box! So creative! Ooh my dog loves the milk bone trail mix too!

pam said...

brilliant treat box Karen, your pooch is adorable.

eva said...

aww, buddy is adorable!! happy belated wishes to him! an love this little treat box!

Jenny said...

Never to old to teach a dog a new trick... I learn new tricks every day! Bwahahahaha!

Jenny V. said...

Love this doggie treat box. you did an awesome job putting this together.

Cindy said...

What a great idea with the doggie treat box.
Third stamp I gotta get. I am dog person.

Lynn said...

This doggie treat box is adorable! I will have to make one for my sister's precious dog. I think you chose just the right colors and paper.