Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Hello Peeps!   I've been MIA for several days and hope to get some blog hopping in soon.  Hubby and I spent a few days on Oahu last week to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  Our trips are ALWAYS a whirlwind, practically flying all over the place.  LOL.
Here's the card I made from Mom along with a gift and a pikake lei.   We asked her where she wanted to go and she said, "Zippy's."   Zippy's?????  We love Zippy's but wanted to take her somewhere nicer.   We suggested Tsukiji at the Ala Moana Shopping Center but she said it was "too far."  She has her good reasons so we respected that.  Then she gave it more thought and chose Gyotaku since she's been craving Misoyaki Butterfish.   So that's where we went.
For this card, I used a flower image by Heartfelt Creations, Copics, sentiment by Hero Arts, Spellbinder die (circle, scallop, and flower pot), embossing folder, edge punch by EK (red) and Stampin' Up (on the pot), flower pick die by Lifestyle Crafts, bee brads by Eyelit Outlet, and pearls by Kaiser Crafts.

I'm a noodle lover and the first stop after we arrived on Oahu was Daiichi Ramen in Aiea.   My hubby's been wanting to take me here for the longest time but stuff came up or plans changed so we never made it until this trip.   Yay!!!    Here's a pix of the Won Ton Ramen I chowed down.

That evening, hubby was craving something sweet so we headed to Zippy's where he enjoyed a Banana Split.

I wanted to try something different.  Here's a pix of the Honeydew Gelatin Parfait.  Thought it would be rich and heavy but it wasn't light and deeeeelicious.
The next day was Mom's birthday.  Here's a pix of my Teishoku dish (Tempura, Misoyaki Butterfish, and Nishime).   Rats, as you can see, I was so hungry I started eating before remembering to take a pix.  LOL.   Mom ate the same thing except she had Sashimi rather than Nishime.   Sorry, no pix of her.  She's a private person so I won't post a pix of her on my blog.  

Hubby, our son, his girlfriend and I did enjoy a dinner at Tsukiji later in the trip.  Rats, my tummy was growling so I had already eaten my first plate before taking a pix of my 2nd.   When it comes to buffets, we grind as though our tummy was a bottomless pit.   LOL.  No wonder my pants are tight now.  Hee-hee.

Here's some of the dessert to satisfy my sweet cravings after dinner at Tsukiji.
I really didn't think we'd have much time for any craft shopping but woo-hoo, we did despite the horrible traffic.  OMG, that's the worse we've ever seen.   We think it's because public schools were out last week so a LOT of people were out and about.   Poor hubby, he wanted to have lunch one day at Yataimaru in Shirokiya but he was so frustrated with the traffic, we ended up at Zippy's again.

Here's are some goodies I got at J's Knicknack's.

And Ben Franklin (Mapunapuna).   I didn't get much there since we have a store in Hilo and needed space in our luggage for snack goodies.   LOL

And finally, more goodies from Celebrations and Cute Stuff.
Alrighty, it's past my beddy-by time so I better sign off here and hit the pillows.   Hope you all have a super great week.     zzzzzzzz


Lynn said...

Oh Boy! You had a great trip. I guess craft collectors (I mean creators) are foodies too...I am. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love seeing where others eat and what they nosey. LOL!

Colleen said...

I am glad that you had a good time in Oahu despite all the traffic and rushing around. All the pictures of the food that you ate is making my mouth water. I never ate at the restaurants that you went to. I will have to try them out the next time I'm visiting. Your mom has good taste- I love Zippy's too. :) You purchased some fun crafty items. I can't wait to see what you create with them. What snacks did you bring home? Hopefully you didn't have to purchase another suitcase like my family and I usually do. I hope that you will have a good week too. Big hugs!

Cely said...

i am at that daiichi 3x a week! LOL! :) Glad you had a good time my friend! and happy happy birthday to your mom! i just took a week off to go to vegas and the first stop was zippys too!

Cheryl said...

Wow Karen, you sure got a lot of things done while you were visiting over here. I have to try that ramen place in Aiea. Where is it? Glad you were able to get some craft shopping done too. Hey, what is the name of the stamp company with the little girl pulling the wagon. Such a cute stamp!

Loves Happy Hour said...

OMG!! looks soooo ono!! I've never been there before! I must try!! Sounds like you had a good visit!!