Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WOW, Another Blogger Award

(Note:   A separate post for the Versatile Blogger Award is below this post.)

Edited on 3/28/12 - Thank you very, very much Colleen for giving me this cool award again.  Oh boy, what an honor.  I'm really starting a collection here.   LOL.   Big hugs with much appreciation for your thoughtfulness.   To my valued visitors, please click here to hop onto Colleen's blog and see her inspiring creations.   You'll love it.

OMG, I received another award.  This one was given to me by "Handmade Cuties."   I'm sorry, I wish I knew her name but I don't.  She is definitely THE Queen of Beads.  Have you seen her creations????  Sooooo, soooooo CUTE!!!  Please click here to hop over to her awesome blog.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in giving me this beauty of an award.  I'm on Cloud 9.

Along with this award is a request to share with you 10 random facts about myself.    Hmmmm, let's see......
1)   I LOVE to watch UH Football.  Now that we have Norm Chow as a new head coach, the upcoming season is sure to be a thriller.   Can't wait to watch the games along with grinding some yummy food.
2)  As a child, I was a tomboy, hated dolls, dresses, and all the frills.   I'd much rather play with my brother's toy tractors, climb our huge mango trees, and play baseball, kickball, tetherball, and touch football.  
3)  In my younger days, I used to think I wanted 6 children.  After one, I knew I was nuts and changed my mind QUICK.   Three is just right....still went nuts though.
4)  I used to be an avid collector of cookbooks (like a big bookshelf worth) until rubber stamping came into the picture.   Now my cookbooks collect dust.    LOL
5)  I love all colors except mustard and gold (unless it's jewelry, but I'm not really a bling-bling kinda gal.  I'd rather put bling on my cards)  LOL
6)  I used to play the clarinet in our high school band.   But don't ask me to play anything now because all you'll hear will be squeaks.  LOL
7)  I love noodles.  Just had some yummy Wor Ton Mein this evening.  Just perfect on this cold and rainy day. 
8)  I love to eat with chopsticks.   It makes the food taste better.  LOL
9)  My favorite cake is Dream Cake.    Ummmmm, I can taste it now.   Not too sweet, not too rich, and not to heavy.  Are you getting hungry?????
10)  I used to bake A LOT, like once a week.  Now it's like almost never, too busy crafting.  It's more fun and HEALTHY.

On with the awards.....with great honor, I'd like to recognize the following awesome bloggers (in no particular order) with the Kreativ Blogger Award because you continue to be such an inspiration to me. Please hop onto their blogs and see how talented and creative they are. You'll be amazed and very inspired.

Klusive Kreations
Created with Aloha
Scrappy Scatty Jan
Jie Craft
Blu Birdie of Happiness
Linda's Crafty Piece of Heaven

Now that you have received this award, you can participate by doing the following:

1)  Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2)  Share 10 random facts about yourself.
3)  Pass on the award onto 7 other people.
4)  Follow the person that gave you this award.

Have a wonderful and Scrap Happy Day.



Linda said...

Hello Karen, Thank you so much for giving me this award I am very honoured. I have now become a follower which I thought I already was, so apologise for not being one.

Love your blog and sending you warm wishes
Linda xxx

Colleen said...

Lots of hugs and appreciation is sent your way for giving me this award. I feel so blest and honored to receive such a wonderful award from a dear friend and awesome crafter. My MOJO has gone on vacation this week along with my brain. I think winning this award will help it come home faster. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Karen for giving me this award I am so very honored. This my first award :) thanks.

Big hugs,