Monday, March 21, 2011

Sneak Peek

Our FCE Fair is coming up on May 7 so I thought I'd better get my wheels spinning and start "producing." LOL Here's the first thing I made. These magnetic note holders are made with clothes pins. There's a piece of a magnet strip adhered to the back. What a great way to use your scrap pieces of ribbon and paper for the labels.

All of the pins have a strip of ribbon taped to the front side. The cute butterflies are buttons I got at Wal-mart and removed the shanks. Oh, but I was like "oh-ohhhhh" when the body of the butterfly fell off once the shank was removed. Think, think, think, I used this strong liquid glue called Zip Dry from Island Scrapbooking to stick the body back on. Mission accomplished. YAY!

The slipper embellie is from Kawai Hawaii in Aiea. Gee, I can't remember when I bought them....many moons ago.
The flower on the noteholder below is also a button. I glued the center on after removing the shank.

Check out these Hanfuda cards. I found a bunch of these plastic ones stashed away.

Here's a couple more embellies (flower and flowers in watering can) from Kawaii Hawaii.

OK, that's it for now. Better plan what to make next and oh, oh, oh, NEED to Hawaii Five-O. It's coming up soon. :-)
Have a Scrap Happy Day.


Jenny said...

Aaaah, love the hanafuda idea!

kris said...

i agree with Jen!!! Love the hanafuda cards! All of them came out really cute!! =D