Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jenny

My "Crazy for Paper" friend Jenny's birthday was back in November. Since she's such a busy, busy, busy girl, we celebrated today with lunch at Imiloa Sky Garden. Ohhhhhh the buffet was to die for. They had a nice salad bar, chicken, fish, shrimp (broke da mouth), steamed veggies, spaghetti, and more.

Jenny and I practically starved ourselves so we could grind to the max. We are good planners. LOL. This morning, all I ate was small bowl of cereal and my tummy was growling from a couple of hours before lunch.....hee-hee.

We made a couple of rounds to the buffet line then topped off lunch with some dessert. Ummmmmm soooooo yummy.

Here are the favors I shared with my friends. Just something reallly simple. They are Post It note pads with a cover. One is for my collection of "samples." :-) I know Jenny likes the pink and brown combo so I made two of those. Yep, she picked the one with the butterflies. I had Hello Kitty pens too but sorry, no picture of that.
The flap has Velcro with adhesive backing.
Here we are, Jenny and her "older" friends. Hee-hee. We all worked together some years back though Jenny and I work elsewhere now. How nice to keep in touch and have some "girly" time to chat and catch up on things. Back left is Jenny with Oli next to her. Seated in front of Jenny is Karen D. and me in red. OK, I had to include this awesome picture of snow-capped Mauna Kea which I took last week.


Jennifer said...

Hi! I love these sweet little note pads...really clever. My daughters would love them...they are big Hello Kitty fans.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following me. Following you too now :-)
xx Jenny xx

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Hi Karen,
I've left you an award on my blog, come check it out Here