Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Colten

Last weekend, hubby and I attended our friends grandson's 1 year old birthday party.  We have a lot of fun and Colten is sooooo kawai'i (cute).   You may think this is the card I made for him but actually this is the envelope.  I had the pieces cut out but wasn't really sure how to lay it out.  And guess what?   My hubby designed it.   Pretty good huh?  Suggested he give up fishing and make cards instead.  LOL.  He said, "Nah."

My bad though....shoots, I misspelled his name.   Should be Colten rather than Colton.  Dang!!!!

Crane by Sister Stamps
Balloon die by Frantick Stamper
Bamboo die by Tutti Designs
Turtle image by Denami Designs
Letters by Sizzix
"Stitched Landscape" by Poppy Stamps
DP from stash


Lynn said...

Despite the misspelled name, it is a great design. Love the way the balloons are pulling up the letters as the crane is flapping its wings. Hmmm, wonder if I can get my hubby to hang out in my craft room....would I want him to?

eunice said...

Wowee! Your hubby did a great job with the layout of Colten's birthday card envelope. Can't wait to see the card you created that went two can be like a "design team"!

Colleen said...

That is so awesome that your hubby designed the card. He did a great job. He has a good eye like you do. Now you guys could craft together.