Saturday, January 27, 2018

Awesome Holiday Cards from Crafty Friends

OMG, January is almost over.  I better post the holiday cards I received from my super crafty friends.  Before you know it, it'll be Valentine's Day.

This classy card is by Eunice.  Her creations are so professionally made.  Inside is a pop-up photo of her family and the borders beautifully embossed.  So inspiring.

She also made this amazing calendar with such expertise.  BEAUTIFUL!!!!

This kawai'i card is by Lianne.  Super cute yah?  Wait till you see the inside..... it is, a pop-up with a bunch of Santa Claus'.  How cute is that?

Lianne also made this card.  It's flat in the envelope.

Pull the red tab and's becomes a stand-up card.  So clever!!!!

Love, love, love this darling scene with the little hedgie.  Super cute Shirley!!!  Adding the gold cord gives it a nice 3D effect.    

This card is from Cindy.  Love how she colored the image.  Very nice layout too.  :-)

Love this scene that Kathy created.  First word that came to mind is, "sweet." 

From my dear cuz, this neat card with a pop-up gift card holder on the inside.   Cute Santa DP!!!!

And Char made this "Year of the Dog" stand-up calendar.   I just LOVE that image.  

Thank you dear friends for sharing your crafty creativity and inspiration.  I really appreciate it.

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