Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Mail

Hello, hello.  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.   A few days ago I was surprised to receive another happy mail from my cuz.  She's really talented and creative.   Check out the card and RAKs she sent me.

First up, is this cool flip-it card.  I think the flower is so gorgeous.  The strips on the sides trimmed with tiny rhinestones add a nice contrast and touch.

 Here's the card with the score lines folded.....
 ....and a look on the flip-side.

She takes a lot of classes at Cute Stuff on Oahu and made this gorgeous purse.  So sweet and very "local" with the slippers / flip-flops.

Oh WOW, I was floored to also receive this set of stamps.  "Geisha Emma" is calling me to ink her up.

And finally, here's a pix of what I ate for lunch today.  We (Karen D., Jenny, and I) enjoyed lunch at Miyo's.  My Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura was DEEEELICIOUS.   Boy was I starving.   Had to satisfy my growling tummy.    LOL.  

Unfortunately, our friend, "Oli" couldn't make it because her car broke down on her way to lunch.   I'm just glad she hadn't turned onto the highway when it happened and there were two nice gentlemen who helped her out.  Fortunately, she managed to get home safely driving 20mph.  

Rats, the waitress took a pix of us but it came out too dark.  Adjusting the exposure didn't work too.   Oh well, next time.   :-)  

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a nice, relaxing, and crafty Sunday.


Colleen said...

The card and bag/purse that your cousin made for you are awesome. I especially like how she put rhinestones on the border of the card. The bag/purse is very cute. The tempura that you had for lunch looks very ono. I am sure that it was just as good if not better than the tempura that I had for dinner this evening. :) Have a good rest of your weekend!

Danni said...

What wonderful RAK's!! Hope you're doing well, sorry I haven't been around to visit lately!! :)

eunice said...

Another Flip-It card! This one is so adorable...and how cute is that bag! I see creative talent runs in the family! those stamps!

Lynn said...

Yummy food and craft projects. Thank you for visually stimulating my stomach and mind.

Leanne said...

O that flip card is adorable!! and that purse is so cute. Aw, love the RAK you got. I bet you will do wonders with those geisha girls.
O your lunch looks so ono. I bet it tasted ono too yea?
Have a great week Karen!

Cyndi said...

What a great RAK! So creative! ooh and I love tempura!