Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Awesome Swap from My October Secret Sis Leanne

Happy Hump Day Friends,
Extending the Halloween fun today by sharing this CUTE card I received from my October Secret Sister Leanne. I was surprised when I opened the envelope because I remember seeing this awesome card posted on her blog. I commented saying, "...guarantee her secret sister would love it." And it was ME. Oh, it just made my day. I'm definitely keeping this in my collection and "not sharing." LOL. THANK YOU LEANNE!!!

If you 'd like to join in this fun swap, check out Kris' blog here.

She also included some cool DP, Halloween stickers, and Dew Drops. I'm ready for Halloween 2012 now. :-)


Mimi said...

how funny! adorable card by Leanne! all my swap cards are in my "collection" too! they are all too cute to use!! have a great day karen! ;)

Brandi said...

That is so perfect that she ended up being your secret sister! :) Adorable card! :)

sweet said...

Oh yes that was an adorable card... lucky you!

Leanne said...

Hi Karen! hahaha! I LOL when I saw you were the first to post and to read your comment made me smile even bigger! I am so happy you like the card and goodies. I wracked my brain to try to figure out what to make and hoped you would like it. I had so much fun making the card that I almost kept it myself, but knew it was going to a wonderful home. Mahalo for the lovely comments.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tracy said...

This is a beautifyl card. Love the colours and the awesome colouring :)