Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Be a Follower and Post a Comment

A couple of friends told me today they wanted to post a comment onto my blog to enter my blog candy giveaway but didn't know how. So I thought I'd provide some instructions.

First you'll need to have either a gmail, twitter, or yahoo email account.

Open the blog site
Click on FOLLOW
Sign in using an account you have or created with google, twitter, or yahoo
Sign in by entering your email address and password
Click Sign In
Click on Follow this blog

To post a comment:
Click on the title of the post.
Scroll down.
Click on Post a Comment
A secure question appears. I always click on Yes
Type your comment in the box.
Click Publish Your Comment
A secure questions appears again. I always click on Yes
Your comment will appear a the end of the list.

Okie dokie, I hope this help.

Have a Scrap Happy Day!

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